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We offer a range of services that will enhance your garden including:

1. visiting your premises to evaluate plants appropriate for your garden.





  2.  A Garden shop that has a wide range of products.




3. We stock netting to protect your trees, available in 10 metre width.




4. Gift Certificates, the ideal gift for a gardener, values in multiples of $10.00


5. We are agents for


Rapid Compost Tumblers

Supply 2 days after you order


A range of types and sizes in stock.

Terra Cotta Works

Some in stock others we can order

Raised Garden Beds

Supply about a week after you order

 Raised Garden Beds offer many benefits:

  • Ideal working height - reduce bending and kneeling
  • more can be planted than in a similar sized plot.
  • reduce damage from pets in your garden.
  • soil temperature is warmer, earlier plantings possible.
  • easy to cover in extreme weather.

7. Gardening Advice Newsletters


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